Become a local Happee Trails Guide

Build local Happee Trails with us and make some extra money!

Happee Trails is a worldwide micro trail builder with a difference. We use mobile devices and well designed interactive maps with local points of interest to create a memorable experience and journeys for our Happee Travellers.

Happee Travellers purchase our ebook guides and off they go…its that easy. They discover the very best spots, points of interests in the local town, city, region or interest. This gives our Happee Travellers the best value and use of their time while visiting a destination and the richest, fullest experiences possible depending on their interests.

If you’re looking to make some extra money then apply to become a Happee Trails Guide today and start building your local Happee Trail(s)!

So here’s basically how it works:

Firstly you need 3 key passions and skills

  • Ability to take interesting photoswe’ll look at your Instagram account to check out your talent…you must own the images
  • Enjoy some research, be accurate and detailedwe can’t sell ebook guides that aren’t accurate or interesting
  • Have a passion for your local town, city or interestpassion is key here and you want to share every detail with your future Happee Traveller to make the sale.

So how does it work:

Essentially we work with you to build micro trails about general interest or specialised topic to allow visitors and locals in your town, city or region to discover new experiences, learn, get real value from the big hero attractions and the small interesting details.

You’re open to building any trail(s) you want as long as there’s at least 20 things of genuine interest at a minimum and the trail must have a connecting theme or series of experiences as a true trail…not just random points on a map. Happee Travellers wander along your trail either via streets, cycle or drive to enjoy the interesting trail you’ve built and use their phone or tablet with the interactive ebook as their interpretive guide.

We are fussy about our Happee Guides

Quality is at the heart of our ebook guides. Great photography, good design and interesting snippets of information give travellers value. Unfortunately if we don’t feel the trail makes the grade we’ll review, give you feedback and encourage you to develop the idea to add better value for your Happee Trail success.

If you’re interested, please contact us today!


Trails Ideas

  • Food Trails
  • Wine Trails
  • Cycling Trails
  • Bird Trails
  • Hop on Hop Off Bus Trails
  • Heritage Trails
  • Art Trails
  • Street Art Trails
  • Fashion Trails
  • Movie Trails
  • Kid’s Trails
  • Technology Trails
  • Writer’s Trails
  • General Interest Trails
  • River Trails
  • …and more!

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