About Happee Trails

Our vision for Happee Trails is to help you become a happee traveller and create happee and memorable journey’s and stories through our Happee Guides. Our local ebook travel guides aim to take you on a journey to explore and discover small trails that have wonderful experiences with a rich and unique local character of your destination. 

Happee Trails is a visual ebook travel guide you can enjoy on your tablet or phone. Zoom in, zoom out and follow the trails for all new experiences. If you’re new to a region, town or city, Happee Trails aim to show you an easy way to get around either by foot, bike or vehicle to get more value for your time visiting.

We’ve long believed that through education comes understanding. When you discover and explore new places you can really start to connect with the local culture, its heritage and what makes it tick. Seeing the best of any location, allows you to have a rich and fulfilling investment in your time while travelling as well.

Happee Trails really wants you to build lasting, positive memories and stories of your local experiences. With so many local and micro trails around the world its our aim to do the best we can to build and share these wonderful resources into an easily manageable ebook travel guide for your next journey.

Enjoy yourself from the Happee Trails team!

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